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ConsoliAds recognises the importance of Privacy for its valued clients. This privacy policy will be redeemed for all the products, applications, services, websites, and joint ventures. The term “You” is referred to our valued clients, who use ConsoliAds in any reasonable manner, Publishers or Advertisers, ConsoliAds Website Visitors and end users of apps, and “We/Our” is referred to ConsoliAds as an entity.

Elaborated in this notice is the consent to willingly express the access to relevant information. This notice contains the privacy policy with subject to ConsoliAds Ad Network and Application. Your use of ConsoliAds Ad Network/Application (ConsoliAds website visitors, publishers, advertisers, end users of Apps), and all the personal information that you provide will be accessed through the framework of this privacy policy at all times. To keep things unhidden from our clients, this notice describes the policy which enables ConsoliAds to use and collect information on particular ground rules.


Information collected from end users:

  • When you use ConsoliAds, you allow us to access your personal information (Name, Email Address or other identifiers commonly username, age, gender, postal email address, Contact number, zip code, credit card number).
  • Information about ads served, viewed, clicked (on a particular type of ad, from a particular location) to make our intelligence optimum for our clients’ benefits.
  • The device being used (model and type), along with mobile browsers (safari, chrome, firefox) information, carrier name, IP address, and assigned identifiers to your device (IDFA, Android ID).
  • Log information, including the app or website visited, session start/stop time, time zone, and network connection type (e.g., WiFi, cellular), and cookie information.
  • Whenever the location services are activated, our systems will record the geo-location of your devices.


Use of collected information:

ConsoliAds use this information to operate, manage, optimise, and improve all the features that it’s platform provides. It can also be used to generate leading user content for different updates.

We might use your email address without your consent to make communication effective. You can be communicated to your email address or particular given contact information to aware you with updates regarding any changes, new features, offers, and account information.

Account Information: You can be communicated by our service representatives to address copyright violation or calumniation problems, send privacy and security notifications or any content that you have posted via your account.

By using the information, we can guide you, different techniques and suggestions to improve your revenues and viewership (whatever the purpose is to use ConsoliAds) through our account managers for ads optimisation. This intelligence will be communicated to you through given contact mediums.


Disclosure of Information:

As per the ratings with subject to ad inventory or ad serving, advertisers will be given with publisher’s information for them to decide the bid on an ad inventory or serving for particular devices. ConsoliAds does not allow the usage of information by any stakeholder against the laws and regulations.

Non-personal identifiable information will be disclosed with ConsoliAds Clients to make judgements for the best interest of their targets. Non-personal identifiable information might include reports on number of viewed and clicked ads, and types of ads served.

ConsoliAds only shares impersonal information which is only used to identify you to report different trends in the ad market, altogether makes a proper blend for clients to make effective decisions.

We are obligated to confidentiality of information with subject to this privacy policy, at all times.


Make choices

You may reject ConsoliAds from providing identifiable personal information (only), eventually resulting in not making full use of ConsoliAds. You can disable access to information from your Android and iOS devices. If we are refrained to access information, we will not serve you with ads, as the information necessary to make target based advertisements will be insufficient. Likewise, disabling access to browser information will refrain us to know your interests, for target based advertisement. ConsoliAds will not serve ads to the devices which have disabled access to Browser information. Although ConsoliAds assures information secrecy and safety, protection of your unique Account information will be your responsibility, at all times.


Advertising Services

ConsoliAds provides opportunity to advertisers/third parties or servers to make advertisement campaign on ConsoliAds applications, also Mediate, and Cross Promote. Those campaigns are made based on certain demographics. The ConsoliAds use technology to directly send their advertisements on the applications of publishers, and those demographics are taken care dependent on the personal identifiable information collected from Publishers.

ConsoliAds believes in COPPA, and it does not allow advertisers to advertise to children under 13 years of age. If the advertisement is to be necessarily made, it must be suitable for such ages of children. ConsoliAds do not take responsibility of given advertisements by advertisers, as it is beyond our control.

Note: ConsoliAds holds the right to remove or add any advertiser. Listing updated ad network partners at all times is the ConsoliAds discretion, it may or may not be the case, at any time.


Advertisers bound to COPPA Compliance:

All our advertisers are bound by contract to obey and give compliance with COPPA (“Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act”) rules and regulations that may be amended from time to time. As a COPPA law firm, we guide clients through these regulations.



ConsoliAds has implemented all the necessary security measures in order to protect both personal and non-personal information from loss, misuse and unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. ConsoliAds is also very careful about user sensitive information and data from vulnerabilities attacks and keep secure as well.