With the recent technological boom, the number of installed applications has increased simultaneously with the increase in Smartphone sales. The introduction of different platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows mean that developers have to build their apps to fulfill the specifications of every platform. Furthermore, analytics provided by advertising agencies enable marketers to identify and utilize that portion of market which adds value to their business. Here are five fundamental things related to mobile advertising.

  • Firstly, there are numerous apps out there but successful apps are those which generate both organic and non-organic sources of customers. If a person downloads an app while surfing the app store then this is an organic install. These can also originate from within app recommendations which are dependent on factors such as the title, rating and reviews of the former app. On the other hand, non-organic installs originate from promotions made outside the app store with mediums like SMS, emails etc. The success of an app depends on a mix of both organic and non-organic installs because the basic theme is to increase the customer base.


  • App install advertising can be categorized into four categories. If an ad gives you monetary reward every time a customer clicks on the ad then it is called Cost per Click (CPC). The main advantage of such model is that the developers can use A/B testing to analyze engagement of users. Second most commonly used model is Cost per Thousand (CPM). In CPM, there is a fixed price against every 1,000 impressions. A similar model determines cost per every install. Such a model is called Cost per Impression (CPI) and it generally has a lower risk as compared to other models. The last business model is Cost per Action (CPA). The CPA has a fixed price against in-app action which is defined by the advertiser.


  • Facebook and Twitter can provide huge database about audiences. Furthermore, you can use their in-depth demographic information to specify your target market. On the other hand, if you have a big budget for marketing, then you should consider YouTube as an option. If you have a video preview of the app then by using YouTube TrueView Ads you can engage a huge audience.


  • In order to maximize the app reach, you can add other ad networks in your app. However, finding the right networks can be a tough job and the developers must do an extensive market research before deciding the networks they will be working with. Such a market research may include reaching out to businesses which have a similar customer base, deciding company goals and how a particular ad network may assist in achieving those goals.


  • It is very important that you utilize the information gathered from the apps or from other ad networks. Using attribution analytics can deliver you the app installation source. Contrary to that, advertising analytics deal with the actions of the customer after the app was successfully installed. To be successful in the marketing campaigns, the marketers must make smart decision based on the data at hand.